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About Me

My name is Elizabeth Laurele and I am the artist behind Basil and Honey Charcuterie! Basil was the first seed I ever planted. We grew a variety of it on the farm I worked at and lived on after college. Each plant started as a tiny speck that, when buried under dirt, alchemized into an earthly masterpiece. The process was sublime to behold and our honeybees thanked us for the irresistible treat.


Bees love basil, I learned- because it thrives in high heat and therefore provides nectar and pollen when other sources may be scarce. Just as honeybees rely on basil plants in times of need, I wish for my clients to rely on me. In 29 years, I have come to realize that what humans desire, more than anything else, is an authentic experience. We want to see gorgeous food, to touch it, to devour it, and then we want to talk about how splendid a time we had.


This full sensory stimulation is why I make beautiful finger food, because it feels important- like an unlocked door to the human experience. With the assistance of nature’s finest ingredients, I will help you unlock the door to your experience story. This is my mission and once again, welcome to Basil and Honey Charcuterie.

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